The Best Resources for Meaningful Bible Study

As a pastor and Bible teacher, I’ve spent countless hours in the last 30 years trying out all types of books and resources for my personal use and also to help others study the Bible for themselves.

Here are the resources that I recommend without hesitation because I believe they are the best of the best and work well for most people.

Unlocking the Bible

Unlocking the Bible: A Unique Overview of the Whole Bible (You can check out the reviews on this link to Amazon) is a resource that recommend highly to most people who want to go deeper in their Bible Study. It has a chapter on every book of the Bible, is very clear, and has great insights. Note: Be sure to get the book and not the one that has just diagrams, charts, and images. The covers look very similar.

Unlocking the Bible is best for giving a overview of each book of the Bible and the entire Bible as a whole. I can’t recommend it enough.

CSB Tony Evans Study Bible

The CSB Tony Evans Study Bible is a great all-in-one-tool that combines a lot of the most used Bible Study resources in one volume. I has introduction to each book, explanations of many verses, charts, cross-references and so much more. This Study Bible has a great balance of solid Biblical scholarship and is at the same time fairly accessible and easy to use. It has a great devotional quality that I appreciate.

Here’s an article I wrote on how to use some of the most common tools in a Study Bible: How to Use a Study Bible: Helpful Illustrated Guide. You can get an idea of how a Study Bible can help you understand the Bible. In it, I use the ESV Study Bible as an example in the photos. It’s one of the most thorough Study Bibles out there. It has commentary on most of the verses of the Bible, so it’s a great resource for in-depth study. It’s not as accessible as the Tony Evans Study Bible and leans more toward the academic side.

If you want to find out more about Study Bibles, you can use click on “Best Study Bibles” below to learn what features to look for when choosing a Study Bible. And if you’re looking for the Bibles that are good for daily reading, you can find my recommendations by clicking on “Best Reading Bibles” below.

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