Receive God’s Wisdom, Direction, and Strength

A Simple, Powerful Way to Read the Bible

Every time you read the Bible, you can receive God’s wisdom, direction, and strength for your life. And you can grow in your knowledge of God, yourself, and know what God wants you to do.

Here’s how you can use the tool:

­Step #1: Read a Passage from the Bible

­For example, you can start today with Luke 7:36-50.

Step #2: Answer 3 Questions

  1. From this passage: What do I learn about God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit?
  2. What do I learn about people or myself?
  3. Is there anything that God wants me to do?

Step #3: Write down your answers

You can use anything like a journal or start a file on your phone or computer.

Let’s practice!

If it sounds really easy, it’s meant to be. The power is in God’s Word, not in the tool. Take a few minutes to practice using the tool.

Download the format that best fits your device:

Save the image, usually by holding down the image or right-clicking on the mouse, etc…

Sword Method Bible Study - The Easiest Way to Study the Bible
Sword Method Bible Study: The Easiest Way to Study the Bible